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           Because every generation has a young generation





Because the halfling project is building all the time - the websites tend to lag behind.

This build of Halfling UK began November 2015.

At the moment many earlier sites are also online - some with conflicting information.

Slowly these are being removed and replaced with the main site http://www.halfling.uk.

In 2016 http://headshot.site is planned to go live and WilliamDavid websites updated.

This guide is to help you see what is happening and what has changed.

It’s a slow process as time is always pressing - but thanks for your interest…keep in touch!

Wil.D Dec 2015

Website News:- December 2015.

The new section link pages are being added, and as a link go’s live it is underlined and in bold on the front home page. No content as such has been added to these sections.

The “top 5” for the year has been added as a main index link.

\Slight frontpage changes for Christmas/New year.

Review of “old” websites in progress. Any halfling site will remain as an address but will contain halfling uk content. Pompous hobbit websites may act as mirrors as the name is protected.

William David websites are currently frozen but will gain independent content during 2016.

December 26th:- Front page links updated and made live. Little content as this time. Where no page was available a relevant outside link has been added until content is ready.