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           Because every generation has a young generation

        actors & performers

The Halfling project is an offline and online work from William David.

It is being given the freedom to develop as it builds with a broad brief of “childhood to manhood”.

It’s core values is simple text and presentation, a safe environment for those involved and a strong campaign message, whilst as far as possible remaining neutral in respect to politics and policy, without being weak.

Often based in the world of past childhood times it champions recognition of autism and allied conditions, moral values, and the chance and opportunity to follow the dreams and aspirations into adulthood.

Importantly the project promotes allowing a child to be a child and a young adult to be independent.

The project makes extensive use of media - photography, video and audio. Which befits the background and experience of William David.

Whilst the project is intended to have a strong online presence - much of it’s brief is offline and confidential.

The theatre style presentation, extensive use of performance and the specialist area of working with young performers building up their personal self confidence and range gives the project a distinctive edge, avoiding hopefully bland images and long and boring explanations .

The use of actors and models to illustrate the work avoids potential problems with bullying and singling out individuals covering harder aspects and messages of the work.

The Halfling Project is set to be a positive work even when dealing with hard and difficult subjects.

Some aspects of coverage will by it’s very hard implications be hard hitting but the project will remain mindful of it’s wide demographic audience in such presentation.

Parents are encouraged to take an active part too.

The project majors on males, but not to total exclusion of girls, and the policy of no discrimination due to gender, sexual orientation, race, disability is a core value.

The performance aspect adds fun to the project and will build as the project advances.

The fact is the project has no set boundaries it is what it will become - and that’s what makes it what it is.

Individual sections will outline the various aspects of the halfling project.

Those taking part are encouraged to make it their own, play a part - often literally and together the halfling project will build itself!