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Name:- Luke Blackmore


Age:- 15

I meet a lot of young actors - so some just blend into memory and you almost forget how they looked or sounded. Others really stand out and are impossible to forget.

Luke is one such performer.

He has a very individual character which really suits his style of performance, and he is very talented .

He is really easy to work with, and takes direction well.

But he is also very able to come up with his own ideas and characters.

Obviously he is learning all the time, but I just find Luke, and his family great to work with.

Luke has never complained, and always been willing to try out new ideas - I feel with Luke there is so much more he can do and hopefully he will remain with the project so he can make me look good by the results he achieves!!

Wil.D -

December 2015

                                 Luke & his father