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Name:- Bruce Herbelin - Earle


Age:- 17

Location:- London

Agent signed.

When I was thinking of who would be in the top 5 I never had any doubt Bruce would be there.

His first shoot with the halfling project was outside on a cold winters day & he did not complain once.

But even before this shoot I was impressed by Bruce.

From the start he talked like an actor - he lives performance  - he already had a video to show his latest school play, and the camera and I suspect the audience love’s him, unless he is playing a character they are meant to hate!

He is also extremely modest about how good he is.

And let’s be in no doubt he is good - and working with him is like working with an experienced pro not someone starting out. It’s easy to forget he was 16 [first shoot] because he is so professionally mature. That said once off duty he knows how to enjoy himself - an important quality.

He has advanced throughout the year - his appearance has got even more commanding , his performance better and better from light to dark, and back again.

He can jump from comedy to dark drama seamlessly.

He now has both Spotlight recognition and industry respect - with a professional agent to match.

He knows that acting means becoming the character totally, and he has no fear as to range which again is way above his years.

Everytime I see a bit of his work I am impressed - he has a knack of putting his own trademark on performance without blighting it.

And he has great instincts in both performance and where he is going.

So why number one?

Because he is all the above and happy and willing to work on the project too.

This is one very impressive actor, and not just that but an extremely talented and likeable person who listens to advice and accepts he has a lot still to learn.

But, and this is why he is number one here - if he is this good at 17 - just how good will he become?

A well deserved credit for his hard work this year - and very high respect from me and I suspect those who meet and work with him.

I have been very lucky to have Bruce taking part - thanks Bruce for not just making the shoots productive but fun too….

Wil.D - December 2015.