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Joshua & his talented group of friends. - And casting director Janine - Joshua’s mum!!

Name:- Joshua F

Age:- 12

My first shoot with Josh was also with Amelia - they are devoted to each other and have a unique bond that makes their acting together outstanding.

Josh is a fun loving 12 year old with a strong likeable personality which extends the generations.

When performing he is totally focused and professional, when he is having fun he is your average well behaved 12 year old!!

Not phased even slightly by the camera - and not in anyway shy he is a casting directors delight - even more so because of the strong and positive parental backing.

That parental backing has resulted in Josh visiting with different “cast members” among Josh’s friends and relatives.

The amazing thing is they have all been talented and confident - even without experience.

Janine would make one hell of a casting director!!

They have all been a delight to work with - and I hope they have enjoyed taking part - I have certainly been pleased with the results.

So # 3 goes' to Josh and Amelia and the crew!!

Very well deserved.

                                                    William David - December 2015