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Name:- Daniel Merryfield


Age:- 20

Dan has a strong style sense and look.

On the first shoot he sported a small beard but on a subsequent shoot that went without complaint.

Both looks are very commercial in modelling terms - he has the right height and attitude.

He is also very confident, and comfortable with nudity where appropriate.

When you have this level of confidence it is vital that it is combined with a strong professional attitude to avoid the “wrong kind” of work!

For me this is a fine balance - I encourage actors to be able to work to nudity in performance - but only if I feel they have the maturity and commonsense to go with it.

In modern production nudity is far from rare - so actor’s often have to wise up to this.

Dan is ideal to work with - he listens , takes direction well and has a style which makes him stand out.

I hope to continue working with him in the New Year.

William David - December 2015