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For many modelling can seem an easy option - how hard can it be to step in front of a camera  and be paid for it?

Actually the answer can be very hard indeed.

Many actors model and some models act - or more often go from one to the other - I have lost count how many came to me wanting to model but got converted to acting instead!!

Understanding the basic difference between how an actor works on a photoshoot to that of a model is important.

An actor is much more likely to look into the camera and sell their personality and identity or that of the character they portray.

A model often lacks actual identity to the viewer who instead concentrates on the images purpose.

This means the model more often looks away from the camera as will be illustrated later.

There is all kinds of modelling but broadly speaking it’s either how you look or what you wear!

Girls need to be prepared for much provocative styles of posing than boys and all if wanting to work commercially need to be body confident.

Children can be limited by parents to a degree where they are not viable models to the commercial sector - so parents should think seriously if they want their children to model, and understand what is expected.

Always remember that in fashion advertising for example that that more often covers all kinds of clothes - some more revealing than others.

With many actors I encourage specialist modelling which builds on confidence and range within performance - more on this later.

There is also the darker side to modelling - I will indicate the warning signs and how to avoid being duped as we progress.

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