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  The halfling project

   Child & young persons protection               policy statement

Locations used for meetings and photoshoots are as far as possible in public places in particular for a first meeting.

As a policy contact with William David and the project is in the case of children via the parental representative. Also future contact is by contacting William David and the project as desired by adult representative.

Whilst the project has a Skype and social media facility this will never be used for direct contact with children/young persons without appropriate consent. No webcam contact is acceptable with children /young persons unless witnessed and correctly monitored.

Photography taken at real events and locations are complex but will be duly authorised by relevant authority if applicable. In these circumstances it is not always possible to have individual consent, but general consent if relevant.

Audio recordings & video:-

The use of audio recording is broken down to two key types - that as a record to be written up and that of an interview or event recording. A third might be narration or voice over duly commissioned.

Such recordings may be used on the website or within the work  unless considered confidential.

Video again breaks down to a visual record for reference or a video shot for purpose. The consent required is the same as that of stills photography.

Video editing will be strictly controlled to ensure no context shift or false depiction.

The policy of William David is to be transparent in all matters relating to the project and William David work generally. Parents are therefore encouraged to ask questions and set limits as they see fit. Children taking part must be happy to do so, and have the option to end taking part if they cease to be so.

Safety:- All reasonable measures will be taken in regards to health and safety.

Where an event is external to the project or in the case for example of extreme sports the participants and their organisers must ensure that due heath and safety guidelines are adhered to.

If an event or  activity is being photographed without direction and organisation of the project, then the project, and William David will not be liable in the event of accident or injury. Such activities might be boxing matches and training , climbing or  diving . Insurance should be arranged accordingly.

William David cannot assume responsibility for accidents that occur.

A policy conclusion - the halfling project encourages safety and protection at all times, but also accepts that children will be children and children often push boundries and take risks.

This will not be encouraged and parents are asked to discuss any concerns and control children’s activities at all times to a safe and happy conclusion.

Finally William David appreciates everyones efforts in building the halfling project and wishes that all involved feel they made the right choice in taking part.

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