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  The halfling project

   Child & young persons protection               policy statement

The personal protection & safety of all those contributing or taking part in the project is of paramount concern at all times. This statement outlines the policy & ethics intergral to the work of William David and the halfling project in relation to child/young persons protection.


The halfling project takes a strong commonsense approach to cyp protection. The very nature of the project is to build on such protection and to campaign towards a safe environment for young persons in society.

William David as creator of the halfling project controls the project and those who may become involved within it. No person will be involved directly into the project without meeting safety and good conduct criteria.

The project may use images, audio files or written statements as part of the work.

Participants under the age of 18 will require parental consent before taking part and an appropriate consent form must be signed. Parents or their representative must then be in attendance, and will be fully briefed and encouraged to be involved in the process as fully as practical.

In instances where there is a confidentiality agreement this will be adhered to.


Photography is a major part of the halfling project, and there may be instances where strong social subjects are portrayed. The project will contain a disclaimer to ensure that it is clear that actors/models were used to depict situations. Such social situations might be depiction of bullying,homelessness, smoking, violence or drug abuse. Copyright of all images remain with the photographer William David.

Images taken for the halfling project may also be included in other William David work with appropriate safeguards regarding context and proper use.

As a general guide actual full names will not be used with children. The exception to this may be performers who are promoting their acting or modelling portfolio. It is often wise to use a “stage” name for young performers. Dress depiction will be appropriate to the shoot context, but may include levels of dressing down if the role requires it. An example of this would be depiction of certain books eg Lord of the flies or The Jungle Book or scenes such as fun at the beach. The content and context of any depiction will be discussed with parents and actors before shooting and only if and when agreed will such shoots take place.

All children will have the option to end a shoot at any time, and will be given regular breaks as required both by law and in the interests of the childs wellbeing. William David photoshoots have a good and strong reputation for being both imformative and fun. Great efforts are made to ensure that those taking part enjoy the shooting process.